Can self cleaning oven catch on fire? can self cleaning oven kill you? [2023]

Yes, a self cleaning oven can catch on fire. Most of the time fire is caused by the ignition of oil or grease during the self cleaning cycle. 

The term “self-cleaning” is convenient itself. When a microwave comes with a self cleaning feature it can save you from the hassle of cleaning it. But have you ever wondered about safety? Is it the right choice to use it? Can self cleaning oven catch on fire? 

In this article, we are going to hunt down the right answer about why and how can a self cleaning oven catch on fire. How to avoid it and an excellent alternative method to clean your microwave. 

Getting to know how self cleaning ovens work

There are mainly two types of self cleaning ovens available in the market. One is the traditional one which is mostly used by us. And the other ones are steam cleaning ovens.

Traditional self cleaning ovens

A traditional self cleaning oven is also known as a heat-cleaning oven. Because it uses the high temperature to self-clean. Let’s look at a detailed scenario,

Suppose you are cooking a pizza in your oven. During that time some toppings fell on the oven’s floor. Since the oven’s floor is much hotter it will turn the touched things into something hard due to overheating. You may have also noticed that when you bake something in the oven, whatever falls on the floor becomes hard like crustal. 

And sometimes these spoiled things are very hard to remove or clean. So what can you do? We turn on the self cleaning mode. During a self cleaning cycle, the oven rises its temperature to 900℉  (500℃). This extremely high temperature burns off spoiled things. And to do that it does not require the help of any chemicals. Later on, when the oven cools down we can easily wipe it clean with a cloth. 

Stem cleaning oven

The steam cleaning oven’s cleaning method is very simple, which we have been doing regularly in our daily life. What do we do when there is some leftover on the plate that is difficult to clean? Usually, we soak the plate in water for some time. So that it will be convenient for us to clean the plate. 

The same idea is applied to the steam cleaning method; when there are leftovers spilled on the oven’s floor and surface. The oven creates hot steam that soaks the leftovers. At that time the temperature rises to 450℉. After soaking when the temperature turns back to normal you can easily wipe out the leftover using a cloth or scratcher. 

Since the temperature doesn’t rise that much, steam cleaning is not as effective as traditional one. 

Can self cleaning oven catch on fire?
Can self cleaning oven catch on fire?

Can self cleaning oven catch on fire? 

As regular uses, self-cleaning ovens are safe as other ovens. But the main problem is probably the self-cleaning cycle. Since the self cleaning cycle makes the oven too hot it also increases the risk of fire hazard. 

Why does a self cleaning oven catch on fire?

There are many notable reasons for the self cleaning oven to get on fire. 

  • During the self cleaning cycle when grease types something falls on the oven’s floor and gets too hot. Due to this extreme heating, the leftovers may start on fire. 
  • Lack of proper ventilation is another notable cause. During a self cleaning cycle, the ovens get super hot, and this extremely hot temperature affects the surroundings. There’s a risk that the cabinets next to the oven may start on fire. Which may set the whole kitchen on fire.
  • Old or damaged wire can cause any type of oven to set on fire due to sparks. 

Can a self cleaning oven kill you?

Say, if your self cleaning oven catch on fire, what’s the worst that can happen? Well, it might damage your kitchen. And if you follow the proper steps, you can reduce the risk of damage. So it can not kill you. 

But as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly and keep your kitchen well-ventilated, you can use a self-cleaning oven safely. 

Precautions to take when using a self-cleaning oven 

To avoid any uncertain incidents it’s best to always take proper steps before using self cleaning. Oven. Since self-cleaning ovens become more heated compared to other types of ovens it’s more important to always stay alert. Here are some precautions you should take

  • When baking in the oven, never put anything on top of the oven.
  • During self-cleaning mode, don’t leave the house. 
  • When the self-cleaning mode is on, it is safe to keep children and pets away from the kitchen 
  • Do not put foods that fill up the area inside of the oven.
  • Your oven needs proper ventilation so turn on the exhaust fan. Also, open the windows so that air can easily circulate. 
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen for emergencies. 

What to do if a self cleaning oven does catch fire?

You must stay calm if you notice any fire from the oven. And follow the sorted things:

  • First, turn off the oven. Disconnect it from the power.
  • If you see any fire inside, do not open the door. Because it will allow the oxygen to go in. That way the fire will turn out bigger.
  • Call the fire service immediately and evacuate the house.
  • Don’t use the oven again before fixing it with a professional.

An alternative method to clean the oven

By now, you have already realized that self-cleaning mode is quite risky for your and your house’s safety. And it also causes more electricity. So it’s better to follow other methods to clean your ovens. And guess what, we have the easiest one for you.

Can self cleaning oven catch on fire?


Is it safe to leave a self cleaning oven unattended?

No, it’s not safe to leave a self cleaning oven unattended. During normal use, you can stay out (though it’s best not to). But when self cleaning keeps your gaze on the oven. Ensure to check properly that everything is going well.

How long do you leave a self cleaning oven on?

On average, a proper self cleaning cycle requires two to three hours to complete. Although the duration times may vary depending on the oven’s wattage.

Can you stop a self cleaning oven mid-cycle?

If needed the self cleaning can be off in mid-cycle. All you have to do is press cancel or clear. Though it’s best to avoid using self-cleaning. 


Actually, it’s best to avoid the self cleaning cycle. It’s both risky and costly at the same time. Also, there’s no one to blame. It’s just natural that during the self cleaning cycle,  there’s a high possibility that the spilled oil or grease will ignite the fire from high temperature. Which may later turn into a fire hazard. 

As for safety, it’s best to avoid using a self cleaning cycle. And even if you do, never open the oven door if you see any small flames or sparks inside the oven during the self cleaning cycle. Turn off the oven’s power switch or self cleaning mode, it’s much safer. 


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