Cuisinart Cbk-200 Vs Cbk-110

Cuisinart cbk-200 vs cbk-110: Which One is the Best Bread Maker?

Cuisinart Cbk-200 and cbk-110 are the popular choice among home chefs for years. And whenever Cuisinart brings a new model to the market people start comparing them with other Cuisinart breadmaker models. Among them, Cuisinart cbk-200 vs cbk-110 remains a hot topic among people. 

But we are going to end the debate once and for all. The simplest answer is, either one is a smart choice for your countertop. But cbk-110 has a slight advantage over the cbk-200 for its size. 

However, only the simplest answers don’t mean cbk-110 is the clear winner. That’s why we said, ‘slight advantage’. To know more, you need to read the whole article as we are going to discuss this right now. 

Comparison Chart: Cuisinart Cbk-200 vs Cbk-110

To make matters much easier, we are showing you a detailed comparison chart here:

ImageCuisinart Cbk-110Cuisinart Cbk-200
Dimensions11 x 12 x 9 inches19 x 16 x 13 inches
Weight10.8 pounds16 pounds
Maximum Capacity2lbs2lbs
Loaf Output1, 1 1/2, and 2-pound loaves1, 1 1/2, and 2-pound loaves
Heating ElementsBottomConvection
Delay-Start Timer13 Hours12 Hours
Housing DesignBrushed stainless steelBrushed stainless steel
Interior LightCrust SettingsYesNA
Removable LidNAYes
Viewing WindowYesYes
Convection FanNAYes
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
Cuisinart Cbk-200 Vs Cbk-110 Comparison Chart

Cuisinart cbk-200 vs cbk-110: Straight Towards the Comparison

Once we compare both home appliances, you are sure to notice the key differences between the two. And once you understand the features and differences, you can easily make a choice that suits your countertop and bread making. 

Cuisinart Cbk-200 Vs Cbk-110
Cuisinart Cbk-200 Vs Cbk-110

First comes the Size: CBK-200 takes the lead

If we compare the sizes of both machines, it’s a small upgrade over the cbk-110. The cbk-200 measures, 19 x 16 x 13 inches. On the other hand, the cbk-110 dimension is around 11 x 12 x 9 inches. So, the cbk-200 is technically larger. However, side by side both bread makers looks the same size.

It’s because Cuisinart tried to shorten the size so that it consumes less space. Most kitchens don’t have enough space to house a large machine. It’s a good thing they tried to concise the size. 

However, it’s a small upgrade for the cost. If you already own a cbk-110, it’s better to use it as your bread maker. But if you buying the item for the first time, you better get your hands on the cbk-200. 

Yes, the size may consume space, but you also get the extra space to make quality bread. 

Which One’s Pleasing to the Eye: CBK-200 is still the better one

Both bread makers look pleasing to the eyes. Also, both machine has a stainless steel construction. So, there’s not much difference there. However, as an upgrade over the previous version, the cbk-200 looks better. 

We loved the toned-down brushed stainless steel on the model. Even though the style and size are similar but cbk-200 has a slight advantage here.

Let’s have a look at the handles: CBK-110 is Convenient

It’s great to see Cuisinart is trying to improve the aesthetics of their bread maker. And that’s clear when you see the CBK-200. The stylish chrome handles look cool. Yes, it’s certainly great to look at. 

However, the CBK-200 handles tend to get hotter. Without a heat-resistant accessory, it’s an unwise move to touch the handles. At first, we thought it was a problem for our model. But as soon as we started digging for customer reviews, to our surprise this became a common problem. 

But the CBK-110 comes with convenient ‘stay cool’ handles. It’s not stylish like the cbk-200. However, it’s convenient when making bread. 

Heating Capability: CBK-200 is the definite winner

If you are considering an upgrade, this one advantage may be the right reason to do so. Both machines use different heating methods to bake bread.

First of all, the cbk-200 uses convection heating technology. There’s a fan inside that circulates hot air all over the tray. As a result, you get consistent results every time.

On the other hand, you are not getting convection heating on the cbk-110. This may seem upsetting.

However, we will still warn you to avoid an upgrade. It’s because, if you are not a regular in baking bread, it’s not a good idea to make an upgrade for the cost. Think carefully.

Presets: CBK-200 is the dealbreaker

Everybody wants to enjoy a gluten-free setting on their bread maker. For most home chefs presets are a deal breaker.

First of all, cbk-110 comes with 12 different programs that you can utilize while baking. Almost every setting is useful while baking bread.

But cbk-200 wins in this department hands down. It’s because the model had 16 presets.

Not just that, the low-carb and artisan indicated a clear difference between the two.

Final Verdict

Of course, the cbk-200 is the best model over the cbk-110. But the question still reminds me, is it a good idea to dump your cbk-110 and get the new upgrade? It comes down to how often you use the bread-making machine. 

Both bread maker is quite similar in terms of size and appearance. The machines even take up the same amount of space. However, the cbk-200 is better in terms of presets and heating technology. Of course, the cbk-110 bakes bread pretty fine. But for a consistent result, cbk-200 is the better one. 


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