Does A Dishwasher Need A Dedicated Circuit? Direct Answer [2023]

Does a dishwasher need a dedicated circuit? Most homeowners ask this question before remodeling their kitchen. It’s because most people assume they can simply plug the dishwasher into a socket. Usually, it’s true but heavy-duty appliances can change the game. 

Let’s get straight to the point, a dishwasher should stay on its own circuit. Not just that, the dedicated dishwasher circuit can’t supply other appliances or outlets. However, the dishwasher also needs to have a circuit breaker with at least 15-amps. 

Today, I am going to explain everything to clarify all your confusion. 

What is a Dedicated Circuit for Dishwasher?

From the name you can guess, it’s a single circuit designed to support a single appliance. A dedicated circuit will also have its own circuit breaker as well. It’s located in your household’s main electric box. 

Does a Dishwasher need a dedicated circuit?

Of course, a dishwasher should have a 16-amp rated dedicated circuit. It’s the current recommended code from NEC. If your dishwasher has a 15-amp circuit, you better get a 14/2 NM wire. On the other hand, you need a 12/2 NM wire for a 20-amp circuit. 

So, while installing a dishwasher, you need a dedicated 15-amp, 120/125-volts. But when you need a 20-amp dedicated circuit? There are some electricians who install circuits so that dishwashers and garbage disposal can work with the same circuit. That’s when you need a 20-amp circuit. 

Here’s what I recommend while you install a dedicated circuit for your dishwasher. Make sure to allow enough slacking on the wire. This way, you can pull out the dishwasher for servicing without bringing it out. 

But Why does a dishwasher need a dedicated circuit?

A kitchen uses the most electricity in a home. There are plenty of kitchen appliances you use in your day-to-day life. However, some kitchen appliances are larger. The sheer size and electrical output demand a dedicated circuit. 

You can guess what I am trying to say. Bigger kitchen appliances need bigger power output sources. If the output fails to provide the necessary output, there’s a chance of power overload. And you can guess power overload can have serious consequences. 

That’s why you better install a dedicated circuit for your dishwasher. It’s not only mandatory but also crucial for the safety of your home. 

Benefits of a dedicated circuit breaker for Dishwasher

Using a dedicated circuit breaker is a legal requirement in some places. However, even if it isn’t a legal requirement in your area, you can always install it for your own benefit. 

There are three benefits a dedicated circuit for your dishwasher will deliver:

  • The first one is, a dedicated circuit offers to maximize protection while the appliance can draw more power through the circuit. The dedicated circuit can handle power overall. Thus, there’s less space for wire overheating. 
  • Secondly, if there’s any electrical fault on other circuits, your dishwasher will still perform as usual. 
  • Finally, your dishwasher will get a perfect wire size with the correct amperage. 
Does A Dishwasher Need A Dedicated Circuit?
Does A Dishwasher Need A Dedicated Circuit?

Can a regular outlet handle a Dishwasher?

Once you learn about the required dedicated circuit for a dishwasher, it’s common to ask this type of question. Well, a regular outlet can handle a dishwasher. But there’s a catch. 

If your regular outlet is grounded, dedicated, and protected with an adequate breaker, it can handle your dishwasher. Otherwise, your dishwasher is bound to face serious consequences of bad electrical output. 

How to know whether you have a dedicated circuit?

Just look inside your electric box. Almost every electric circuit is located inside the electric box alongside its own breaker. Recognizing the dedicated circuit for your dishwasher is straightforward. 

A dedicated circuit will have a single slot for any plugging-in appliances. On the other hand, regular circuits have multiple receptacles. 

Once you take a peek at the electric box, you will find the labels. The breaker is clearly marked inside the box. 

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How much will it cost for installing a dedicated circuit for my dishwasher?

I believe this is the final question that comes into your mind after getting all the answers. Of course, the price depends on where you live and whether everybody uses the appliance or not. 

However, you have to spend just under $600 on average to install a dedicated circuit. This is just our predicted price. 

Currently, there’s an extreme fluctuation in pricing. It’s better to get quotes from multiple professionals. Compare the service and make a final choice. 

Just like I said, the price can be highly variable depending on several crucial factors such as wiring material and time spent on installation. From my expert view, the price will be between $200 to $1500 maximum. 

Ending with an important note

Every major electric appliance demands a separate electrical circuit to function efficiently and safely. It’s crucial that you set up your new home keeping this in mind. 

A dedicated dishwasher circuit will give a peace of mind. On top of that, you can rest assured, the brand-new dishwasher will work to its fullest capacity. 


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