How To Reset Kenmore Oven Model 790? Easy Answer

The Kenmore 790 model is one of the Elite models for the company. This is a combination of a gas stove and an oven. Kenmore has been a go-to name for different oven appliances for a while now. As the ovens are run automatically, the chances of an error code appearing on your screen are high. And for several reasons, you might have to reset the oven. So how to reset Kenmore Oven model 790?

To reset the Kenmore 790 model, you can go two ways. First, you can just unplug the appliance from its current source, and this will undo all the functionality that you included there. And the next will be when you put the Kenmore oven function on to be restored or reset completely. The reset options are very easy, and you just have to touch one button to reset the whole thing. In this article, we have included ways that you can reset the Kenmore Model 790.

The Kenmore 790 is an elite model and comes with all the perks. For example, you get multiple cooking zones, and there are also boiling options. And thus, most commonly, they will be referred to a professional if something occurs. Though when you only want to reset the oven to something new or even to change its default mode, you might have to reset the model 790. And this article is all about that.

Kenmore oven model 790 is from the Elite range and comes with several options. With the reset, you can change the temperature or restore the default settings of the oven.

Why reset the Kenmore model 790?

There are several reasons why you might have to reset the Kenmore 790. Mostly, the manual included with the oven comes with all the instructions. But still, there are other facts related to the reset system. Here we include the points on why your Kenmore 790 might need to reset:

  • Error codes: the most common reason why you need to reset the oven is because of error codes. These will show up on the screen and are mostly a 4 or 2-digit code. Each code describes different problems. For example, code F1 will indicate problems with the temperature sensor. Though when these sorts of codes appear, it’s better to notify the company and ask for a replacement. But still, this will count as the reset system.
  • Back to factory settings: most of the Kenmore 790 models will come with factory settings. These are also the default programs. But as time goes on, you have to change the programs and set them to something new. When you want to go back to the main theme, then you might want to reset the oven. For example, resetting to the previous theme gives you the 24-hour display mode. The Kenmore models come with different recipes. And when you reset the oven, all of it will come back to normal, and everything will be restored again.
  • To change the temperature: you can change the oven temperature from +35°F to -35°F. And to change the temperature, you have to go through the reset options. You can definitely increase or decrease the temperature by pressing the numerical keypad on display.

How to reset Kenmore Oven model 790?

Now that we have established the main reasons why you need to reset the oven, here are the ways of doing so. We’ll be including a step-by-step guide to all the ways you can reset the oven.

The unplugging method

This is the most common way of resetting the oven. These are mostly done when you cannot undo a program or when the oven door is locked. Here is a step-by-step tour of the process:

  • Make sure the oven has cooled completely. So turn off the oven for an hour at least.
  • Pull the oven far from the wall and make sure the plug is visible.
  • Unplug the power range and ensure it remains off for at least one minute.
  • After sometimes putting the power plug in and turning on the switch, Move the oven to its exact position.
  • Now start the oven.

This would undo the programs set for cooking, and you’ll have a clean slate to start from.

How To Reset Kenmore Oven Model 790?
How To Reset Kenmore Oven Model 790?

Regular reset option

Now let’s include the Kenmore 790 model’s regular reset option. With the first way, you have to unplug the machine, but with this option, you have to ensure that the machine is working smoothly.

  • Check the oven’s gas and electric options and ensure all the cords and wiring are in place and intact.
  • If not, then turn off the plug and install it again.
  • If there is any code like F1, F2, etc., then the reset option will work.
  • To reset the oven, press the “CLEAR/OFF” option.
  • Call for help if the code doesn’t go away.

Resetting the temperature

Well, this is a very common way of resetting, and almost everyone knows it. This option is used to turn the temperature up or down, and here you can change the temperature to very hot or cool.

  • Press the key “BAKE” on the keypad for 6 seconds or until you hear the next audible tone.
  • Enter your choice of temperature. If you want to raise the temperature by 20°F, then press the keys “2” and “0” on the keypad.
  • Now move to the Flex Clean Keypad. Here you select “+” or “-” Keypad. Here you select “+” or “-“. This will select whether you are increasing or decreasing the temperature.
  • After all of that, press “START” to reset the temperature.

Reset to Default Settings

When you want to go back to your original settings, you can just do the process we included here, and you will have the oven as you purchased it. These processes are also short and simple.

  • Press the “7” on the numeric keypad. You have to hold the key for at least 6 seconds or until you hear a tone.
  • After that, just press “START,” and you will have all the previous settings.
  • This will undo all the settings, and you can go back to the default settings.

To sum up..

Resetting the Kenmore model 790 is a way of making the best use of the oven. You are going back to the original setting and undoing the programs you set. But it only goes for a working and healthy oven. If your oven is displaying the error keys and will not go away even after resetting the whole thing, then the best option would be to hire a professional. If you replace any part of the oven, it will be reset automatically after that.


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