What Else Can You Cook In An Egg Cooker? 11 Delicious Recipes to Try

You can cook vegetables, rice, pasta, noodles, sliced potatoes, tomatoes, meatballs, cheese sandwiches, steamed chicken, dumplings, and many more. As long as you understand how little space you got in your egg cooker and how well you can adapt, you can cook a lot of things in your egg cooker.

The egg cooker is an amazing tool for those who have a tight budget, and lack space to have a ton of things but still want to cook meals at home. Well, you can cook eggs in different ways in an egg cooker, that’s a no-brainer, right? But, what else can you cook in an egg cooker?

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to tell you today. A list of the things you can actually cook in that small cooker of yours. And to make it even better, we will also try to give you a short instruction with each of the names of the foods that you can cook in it.

What Else Can You Cook In An Egg Cooker?
What Else Can You Cook In An Egg Cooker?

What Else Can You Cook In An Egg Cooker?

Maybe you are a student, or you are a lone traveler with minimal things with yourself, or maybe you live in your RV. You don’t have a microwave oven. What you have is a tiny egg cooker. But you still want to make your meals interesting. You want to know, what else can you cook in an egg cooker?

Well, here is a list of things you can cook with instructions on how to do it:

1. Rice

Yes, you can cook rice in your egg cooker. You do not need a rice cooker for that. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you shouldn’t buy a rice cooker. But if you are a student, living in a hostel, your egg cooker will do the job just fine. How to cook rice with your egg cooker?

First, rinse the rice thoroughly and completely. Then add it to the tray along with water. Water should be according to the amount of rice you have. It’s normally 1:1. Cook the rice for 20 minutes till it gets tender.

You will need to try a couple of times to get a hang of it, you know. Trial and error.

2. Steamed vegetables

You can steam veggies in your egg cooker. Yes, you heard that right. But you need to piece them into small pieces. So it can get fit inside.

Cut your vegetables into small pieces. Wash them with water. Then put it in the tray. Add a few onion slices and green chilies if you want. Close the lead. Steam it for 10 minutes. And you have your favorite veggies ready to eat.

3. Small portions of pasta or noodles

Well, as your cooker is quite small, you can only cook so a small portion of noodles if you want. Wash your pasta or noodles whichever you want to cook. Put it in and add water to it.

Wait 5-10 minutes. And you’ll have your pasta ready.

4. Dumplings or wontons

Dumplings! Man, who doesn’t love cute little dumplings? You do, right? Well, the good news is you can make your dumplings in your egg cooker too.

First, prepare the little dumplings. Put them in the cooker. Add a small amount of water to the base. Close the lid and switch it on. Wait 10 minutes.

5. Meatballs

Can you cook meatballs in an egg cooker? Yes, you can.

You can both fry or boil the meatball to your preference. Add water according to that. Then close the lid. Wait till it gets boiled or fries the meatball. It can usually take 10-20 minutes.

6. Grilled cheese sandwiches

Cheese sandwiches- the cornerstone of any tasty evening meal, right? Did you know that you can grill your cheese sandwich in the egg cooker, Vincent?

Apart from the obvious Pulp fiction reference, here’s how you do that. Do the grilling I mean.

It’s simple. Put the sandwich in. Put a very small amount of water in the base. Close the lid and wait 2-3 minutes.

7. Steamed fish or seafood

Are you into seafood? Well, if you like seafood, good news for you. You can in fact cook or steam your favorite fish in your egg cooker.

Nothing extraordinary, just put sliced fish and adequate water in the tray. Close the lid. Wait 15 minutes. If you want it raw, you can steam it for 5-10 minutes.

8. Steamed chicken or turkey

Slice the chicken pieces further. Put them with seasoning. Put some water in the base. Wait 15 minutes. And your chicken is ready to serve. See, it’s very easy.

9. Steamed tofu or tempeh

Place your tofu or tempeh inside the tray of your cooker. Then put some water. And wait 10 minutes.

10. Mini pizzas or flatbreads

Pizza is the first thing we fell in love with the Italians, right? Well, it is a tasty food. No doubt about it.

So, here’s what you’re gonna do. Prepare the pizza according to your liking. Go wild with the topping ideas. Veggies, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms whatever you name it. Place the pizza in the cooker.

Place a small amount of water in the base. Close the lid for 15 minutes. Switch it on. Within 10-15 minutes the crust will get crispy. You can put some shredded cheese on the top and see the magic.

Go on, try it. Tell us how it tastes in the comment section.

11. Small portions of soups or stews

Even soup? Yes, honey, you can make even soup in your tiny egg cooker.

Obviously, you will need a suitable pot to hold the soup. Place all the ingredients you want to make the soup with. It can be shrimp, it can be chicken, it can be vegetables, anything you like.

Put the right amount of water, add seasoning, chilies, onions, salt, and maybe a bit of corn flour if you like it and if it goes with your taste. Close it down, turn the switch on and wait for 15 minutes.

The best egg cooker to cook all of these?

What Else Can You Cook In An Egg Cooker?
What Else Can You Cook In An Egg Cooker?


So, by now you know what else can you cook in an egg cooker. Don’t limit your meals to only eggs. Just because it is an egg maker, doesn’t mean it cannot cook other dishes, right? As we have already discussed 11 of the food items that you can make with it, I think it’s clear by now.
So, which one did you learn today? Which one are you planning to make now? Let us know in the comment section, okay?


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