What Else Can You Make In A Yogurt Maker? Easy Answer [2023]

You don’t actually need a yogurt maker to prepare yogurt at home. But owning one can bless you with plenty of benefits. You can always prepare other products. What else can you make in a yogurt maker? 

Aside from making yogurt, you can use the machine to prepare dairy products, biscuits, dough, flans, custards, and creams with ease. So, there are plenty of options for a yogurt maker to become a useful tool. It’s the best tool to make recipes that you can display in jars. 

Just a simple and dedicated feature does not restrict a tool. Today, air fryers are not limited to oil-less fries anymore. Even the yogurt maker can be used for several cooking methods. Today, we are going to show you those options. 

What is a Yogurt Maker?

A yogurt maker is a simple device that produces and generates enough steam to produce yogurt. Almost every yogurt maker enables you to create 6 yogurts at a time. The gadget comes with 6 separate glasses pre-installed. 

There’s an upper lid on the yogurt maker. This lid contains 6 glasses and also retains all the steam and heat. So, it can produce quality dairy goods within no time. The cook only needs to prepare the base of the dough to produce dairy goods. 

Benefits of a Yogurt Maker

The main benefit of using a yogurt maker is the convenience. You can easily prepare yogurt whenever you need it. Also, you can produce low-fat yogurt without adding artificial flavorings whatsoever. 

The second best benefit of a yogurt maker is the low energy consumption. A yogurt maker is an electrical device. So, it consumes less energy than an oven or other cooking gadget. You can use a yogurt maker as an alternative to an oven. This can help you save the cost.

What else can you make in a yogurt maker?

A yogurt maker is not just a simple tool. It’s a device that enables you to prepare any dairy goods you can create within a jar. In the world of dairy, there is plenty of unique recipes that stand firm on a basic cooking method. 

Considering that, yogurt makers can also fulfill the promise. There are plenty of recipes that require steam and dough. So, a yogurt maker is not just a single-function gadget anymore. Can’t believe us? Well, let us show you:

Different Dairy Treats

People who love sweets tend to create a lot of variations in their dairy goods. And yogurt is a healthy option to try out different recipes. With a yogurt maker, you can easily prepare coconut yogurt and other naturally flavored yogurts. 

There are other recipes such as Greek yogurt, cream cheese, etc. Recently, people are starting to make quarks using yogurt makers. Quark requires buttermilk. And yogurt maker is the best option for preparing this dairy treat.  

Cream and Custards

Homemade custard is easy to prepare once you get a yogurt maker. You can also try out different cream items such as Catalan cream, sour cream, chocolate cream, or crême brulée. You just need to prepare the base. Once the base is ready, put it into the yogurt maker. Wait for half an hour and the desserts are ready. 

What Else Can You Make In A Yogurt Maker?
What Else Can You Make In A Yogurt Maker?


Don’t want to waste leftover homemade pastry dough? Well, use the yogurt maker to make a delicious pudding. And the process is pretty simple. You don’t have to break a sweat. 

Make Flans

Most people want to buy a yogurt maker to prepare the perfect flans. The gadget can save you an awful lot of time. Also, you can make flans whenever you want. The best part is that you can prepare just about any type of flans such as cinnamon flan, condensed milk flan, chocolate flan, traditional egg flan, or even coconut flan. A yogurt maker can cook flans within 45 minutes. 

Count Biscuits in

Steaming biscuits are one of the most popular use cases for yogurt. Many of you don’t know this yet but professional chefs use yogurt makers to prepare dough and biscuits.

Sponge Cake without oven

If you own a yogurt maker, there’s no need for an oven to bake a sponge cake. Simply, pour the sponge cake batter in the glass of your yogurt maker and start baking. You can easily cook sponge cake in less than an hour. And there’s no need for an oven. 

How to Make Yogurt in a Yogurt Maker?

To make homemade yogurt in a yogurt maker, you only need two things: natural yogurt and the yogurt maker. Yes, just two things. 

We all know, if you add bacteria and milk, you can make yogurt. But it’s easier to use quality natural yogurt to prepare a new batch of homemade yogurt. It’s important to purchase quality yogurt. Otherwise, you won’t get fresh quality yogurt at all. 

Just mix the yogurt with milk (of course, follow a recipe book). After that, pour the yogurt into the yogurt maker’s glass. Wait for 30 minutes and you will get results. Preparing other recipes using a yogurt maker is the same. 

Things you should know about a Yogurt maker

It’s a simple gadget but there’s some exciting thing about a yogurt maker: 

  • A yogurt maker usually has multiple preset programs. 
  • You can also set the temperature and time manually so that you can create different recipes. 
  • There’s the option for buying 6 additional glass jars if you bake a lot. 
What Else Can You Make In A Yogurt Maker?
What Else Can You Make In A Yogurt Maker?


Are Yogurt makers worth it?

Yes, it’s cheaper to prepare yogurt at home than to buy it from the store. If you need yogurt on a daily basis, it’s worth it. Also, you can prepare other sweet and dairy treats if you want. 

Can you make sour cream in a yogurt maker?

Yes. Making cultured sour cream using a yogurt maker is possible. The preparation is the same as you do with homemade yogurt. 

Can you make cheese in a Yogurt maker?

You can create the cheese culture before you start making cheese at home. You won’t get a full cheese but you can prepare the culture using a yogurt maker. 

What milk is best for yogurt Makers?

Cow milk is best suited for yogurt makers. Cow milks are easy to work with and you get a thicker result. 

Final Verdict

You can easily turn your yogurt maker into a multi-functional cooking gadget. But it comes down to one thing, can you make it a regular gadget or not? If you are always working with dairy goods, a yogurt maker can help you prepare plenty of recipes. 

A yogurt maker can help you prepare different dairy treats, desserts, cream items, and many more. You never know, you will invent a completely new sweet on your own. 

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