Can I use an air fryer in my bedroom? The Ultimate Guide to Safely [2023]

While it is technically possible to use an air fryer in a bedroom, individuals with hyperacusis should avoid doing so as the appliance can produce a noise level comparable to a vacuum cleaner. The relatively loud sound generated during use may exacerbate symptoms and cause discomfort for those with this condition.

The air fryer is becoming more convenient for people day by day. For its easy use, hygienic services, and size it’s attracting users. Since most cases, air fryers are used in kitchens, you may think about an uncommon scenario like, can I use an air fryer in my bedroom? 

In this article, we are going to discuss the criteria that need to be met when using an air fryer in a bedroom. Also some safety concerns. At last, we have the best air fryers which are usable for bedrooms

Can I use an air fryer in my bedroom? Things to keep in mind 

Air fryers are an excellent option for those looking to deep-fry food using air circulation instead of oil. While there are various types of air fryers available, certain criteria must be met when using them in a bedroom. Typically, these appliances come with a cookable basket that allows for easy cooking and cleaning.

However, it’s important to note that not all air fryers are created equal, and some may produce excessive noise levels, making them unsuitable for use in certain settings. Therefore, it’s crucial to research and carefully select an air fryer that meets both your cooking needs and noise level preferences.

When doing that, keep these things in mind-

Does an air fryer emit a stinky smell? 

Stinky smell-related problems mainly come from the newly bought air fryers. When we bought our new air fryer, we also got the smell of burnt plastic from it. Later we found out that air fryers are made with quality heat-resistant plastic, so why do we get the burnt plastic smell? 

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Can I use an air fryer in my bedroom?

Actually, when manufactured, the company applies a protective coat on the air fryer. First exposed to heat this protective coating gets burned. That’s why an annoying plastic smell is released. Although this smell lingers during the first few uses, later it goes away.  

Can an air fryer change the temperature of the bedroom?

The highest temperature an air fryer can reach is 480℉. But this temperature does not affect the overall temperature of any room or kitchen. Because air fryers heat up the food by circulating hot air in it. So if you place an air fryer in your bedroom it won’t affect the overall temperature.

Is an air fryer noisy in a bedroom?

You definitely don’t want any sound to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of your bedroom. Unfortunately, an air fryer can be counted as a loud kitchen appliance. The sound mainly comes from the rotating fan.  On average, it can produce a sound of 60-65 dB. To get a better understanding, we can compare it with the sound of a vacuum cleaner. 

This level of sound is not good for you if you have hyperacusis. But if the sound of the vacuum cleaner is tolerable to you, so will the air fryer. 

As for irregular sound, any loose part is more responsible. So we can note that the high level of sound is a significant problem for placing the air fryer in the bedroom. Though it can be fixed 

Is using an air fryer safe?

An air fryer is comparably safer than other kitchen appliances. Moreover, its cooking method makes the food healthier than deep frying. Though the air fryer doesn’t have any notable fire hazards, it might get overheated from using it for a long time. Also when you leave it unattended. 

To solve this issue many air fryers now have automatic shutoff features. One should follow the proper manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any unpleasant incidents. 

Does your bedroom have proper ventilation?

We have already mentioned that air fryers can produce a smell of burnt plastic sometimes. Besides, when cooking an odor from the food may also occur. That’s why it’s important to have proper ventilation. Be sure that your bedroom has enough windows to circulate air. Otherwise, it will ruin the atmosphere of your bedroom.  

The best way to use an air fryer in your bedroom

Till now, we have only discussed the conditions that need to be met for setting up the air fryer in the bedroom. Now, we are going to discuss how to do this. 

  • First, you have to pick a safe place. Locate a place where a power socket is near and away from any fire source. 
  • Don’t place it on the ground. Rather, place it on a small chair or table. As long as something can bear the weight of an air fryer. 
  • Ensure that where you have placed it is dry. The location surface also should be heat resistant. 
  • Keep it away from the bed. Air fryers make loud sounds which may trouble you. 

Best tips for using an air fire safely

Like other kitchen appliances air fryers also need proper care and maintenance to function properly. Proper use can save you from extra costing of money, and unpleasant accidents and will increase the taste of your recipes. 

  • When cooking in the air fryer, always keep some free space inside the basket. Never overload the food component. 
  • Don’t keep it plugged unnecessarily. After unplugging it from the power socket. 
  • Always keep the top of your air fryer free. Avoid putting clothes or any type of accessories on the top.
  • Leave a minimum of five inches of place around the air fryer. Because it’s important to give the air fryer some free space to maintain proper ventilation. 
  • While cooking if you notice any type of smoke or sounds coming from the air fryer immediately turn off the power from the air fryer. Also, disconnect it from the power socket. 
  • Never touch the air fryer with wet hands. Because there’s a chance of electric shocks.
  • During use, never cover it with anything. Covering may cause the air fryer to overheat.

Most two fittable air fryers for bedrooms

We have a great reclamation for you. Since air fryers have a problem with loudness, that’s why we have sorted two of the comparatively less loud products. 

Ninja AF101

Probably one of the best available air fryers in the market. It’s super easy and works fantastically well. Since its size is preferable for small places, it can easily fit in the bedroom.   

Can I use an air fryer in my bedroom?
Ninja AF101

Dash Tasti-Crisp 

A budget-friendly air fryer for everyday uses. Also, it’s small in size. You can easily place it in your bedroom at your convenience. And if you are a bachelor, living alone, or have a family of two members this product is great for you. 

Dash Tasti-Crisp 


So, to back to the question again, “Can I use an air fryer in my bedroom?” That is if you can bear out the sound of it. Just look for all listed factors. But our recommendation is that if you have a problem with the high sound it’s best to avoid using it in the bedroom. Though aside from the sound issue an air fryer is usable for bedrooms.


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