Is it Safe to Use a Microwave in a Bedroom? A Complete Guide (2023)

I often get a common question from a lot of you. Is it safe to use a microwave in a bedroom?

Yes, you can use a microwave in your bedroom. However, there are some safety, health, and other concerns that you should be aware of. Before you install a microwave in your bedroom, you should understand the risk and concerns. In this post, I will tell you everything you will need to know.

Microwave oven is now an essential appliance in our life. It’s made cooking so effortless and time and energy saving that it’s beyond belief. I mean, cooking or reheating your food, you can do it both much faster with a microwave oven.

Pros and Cons to use a microwave in a bedroom

Before you place your microwave oven in the bedroom here are some of the pros and cons you should consider. Have a look at it:

A. Convenience and ease of use

The biggest advantage will be obviously the use of ease and convenience, right? Having an oven right at the side of your bed, you can heat up the food anytime you like. Whether it’s midnight or early in the morning, you won’t have to go all the way to the kitchen or to the dining room.

B. Safety concerns

Now, let’s talk about the safety concerns, shall we? Placing the microwave in your bedroom you are putting yourself at risk of a potential fire or electrical hazard. And also there is a very small chance of radiation leaks as well. If you must install and use a microwave in a bedroom, make sure to install it properly. That will minimize the risk.

Is it Safe to Use a Microwave in a Bedroom
Is it Safe to Use a Microwave in a Bedroom?

C. Health concerns

Although microwave ovens emit non-ionizing radiation, which does not cause cancer, cataracts, or infertility. And the amount of non-ionizing radiation that it emits is lower than what could be dangerous for your health.

However, microwaves do create ElectroMagnetic fields. Multiple studies suggest that an extensive amount of EMF can have a negative impact on your health. Although, it’s for those who work near high voltage power lines or radars.

Then again, your microwave can have issues and as a result, it can cause some problems. Be aware of that, you have been warned.

D. Impact on sleep

Even if the microwave cannot have any negative impact if you use it in your bedroom, it can certainly disrupt your sleep cycle. It can also hamper deep sleep. So, if you find out you are not sleeping well, and your microwave is in your bedroom, there’s a good chance that is the source of the problem.

Factors to consider to use a microwave in a bedroom

If you are to install a microwave in your bedroom, consider these factors first:

A. Room size and layout

The size of the room and the layout is the most important thing to consider. It will determine whether it’s a good thing or not to use a microwave in a bedroom. If it’s a small room, and you have to place the microwave right beside your bed, then that’s a bad idea. No matter how you look at it.

B. Microwave size and power

Microwave’s size and power? Yes, size does matter (no pun intended). If you use a small and less powerful microwave in your bedroom, then it might be less disruptive. On the other hand, if you use a more powerful microwave, then that can change the atmosphere of the room.

C. Ventilation and air circulation

If the bedroom doesn’t have proper ventilation and air circulation system, then that will cause a few problems. Not just in the bedroom, wherever you put an electrical device like oven, you always should ensure proper ventilation for that device.

D. Noise level

You should also consider the noise level before buying a microwave. Some microwaves make more noise than others. So, if you want to put it in the bedroom, make sure you are aware of how much noise it will make.

Safety precautions to take to use a microwave in a bedroom

You should take some safety precautions if you want to use a microwave in a bedroom. Here are some of the ways you can take safety measures:

A. Proper placement and distance from the bed

Always maintain a proper distance from your bed to the place you intend to place the microwave. You don’t know what accident may occur, right? So it’s better to be cautious. Place it as far away from your bed as possible.

B. Use of microwave-safe cookware

Well, it’s not just in your bedroom, wherever you place it, you should always use microwave-safe cookware. It will cause a hazardous situation if you use unsafe cookware in a microwave oven. Use utensils that can withstand heat. Otherwise, it will melt down and ruin your food.

C. Proper use and maintenance of the microwave

To avoid accidents, proper use and maintenance are essential. From cooking in it to cleaning the microwave, you should follow proper procedures. Even after cooking use mitts to bring out the food.

D. Safety guidelines for children and pets

Never allow your kids to go near the microwave. Be it during cooking food or simply when it’s turned off, keep it out of your kid’s reach. The same thing applied to your pets. If you have cats especially, be aware of them. The same goes for foster children.

Alternatives to use a microwave in a bedroom

There are some alternatives to using a microwave in a bedroom though. Like a refrigerator. You can use a refrigerator in your bedroom without any tension whatsoever. And if you want to make tea, there are electric kettles, you can even use a flask to keep your tea hot.

And if you are talking about an alternative place to keep your microwave, then both your kitchen and dining room can be an excellent choice.


I have covered all the things you need to know if you want to use a microwave in a bedroom. The advantages, convenience, the negative sides, security and health concerning issues, and the alternatives I have talked about that too. I discussed the important things to consider before placing a microwave so close to your bed, like the layout of the bedroom, the size and power it, and some other important issues as well regarding safety concerns.

Now, the decision is up to you, whether you want to keep it in your bedroom or not. I’m not telling you it’s the absolute worst idea. If you have a tight space, then by all means, you’ve gotta manage with what you have, right?

However, if you have a place in the other room like the kitchen or dining room, then you should definitely consider moving your microwave there.


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