How to Turn a Den into a Bedroom: A Step-by-Step Guide (2023)

Are you looking for a way to turn a den into a bedroom? Then you are in the right place. Today I will tell you exactly how to do that. Maybe you want to foster a child in a one bedroom apartment of yours, that is why you want to turn a den into a bedroom.

Whatever the reason is, in step by step process from the very beginning to the end, from planning to the finishing I will guide you.

I will tell you everything you need to know to do that. You will learn how to transform a den into a bedroom. Not only a bedroom, but you can also turn the unused place into an office room, living room, or anything you want. So, don’t let the lack of a place discourage you anymore, okay?

How to Turn a Den into a Bedroom?

So, to turn a den into a bedroom, you need to do a couple of things. Things like planning the space, installing a door, and a window, decorating it, flooring, ceiling, installing air conditioning or a fan, and a lot of other important things as well. I will explain all of them step by step.

How to Turn a Den into a Bedroom
How to Turn a Den into a Bedroom

Assessing the Space

The first thing you will need to turn a den into a bedroom is to assess the total area, and the space you are going to work with. But how are you going to do that? You have to take measurements and plan a layout, then plan for the lighting and ventilation, and also you have to plan the electrical and plumbing lines and where you will have them done. So, you will need to asses these things at the very beginning:

  • Measurements and layout
  • BLighting and ventilation
  • Electrical and plumbing considerations

Planning the Design

After assessing the space where you are going to make a bedroom, you need to plan a design. Planning is the single most important thing you need to do anything actually. And when it comes to decorating a room, that could not be any more evident.

A. Determining the style and aesthetic

While planning for your bedroom, you need to determine the style of the room and its aesthetic. You need to decide what type of bedroom you want. It could be a traditional bedroom, a bohemian, or a minimalistic design.

If you are in a tight place or a rather small place, you should focus on using multipurpose things or things that have multiple functionalities. For instance, you can a storage bed, or a wall-mount table for dining. Depending on the style, you should also pick a color scheme that you will follow later.

B. Creating a floor plan

After that, you should create a floor plan. To create a floor plan, you have to decide which of your furniture will go where, where you want to have a window, a door, the lighting, and dozens of other small things as well.

Storage, you should also distinguish and plan for the storage options. Where and how you want to manage the storage in your bedroom is something you want to think about carefully as well. And the safety or emergency exit options. You should plan for one in your floor plan as well. You can make the window big enough to slip out through that in case of emergency.

C. Choosing furniture and decor

You are building a bedroom, right? So, you will need furniture for that, you will need to decorate with them too. In order to do that in an organized way, make sure to focus on these points:

  1. Size: The first thing you need to consider when you are bringing the furniture to the room is its size of it. You should choose the furniture according to the space you have in the bedroom.
  2. Functionality: As I have said already, focus on multipurpose furniture. However, that doesn’t mean you will give up your style sense. Not at all, with proper planning, you can balance both. You will have both adequate spaces and a stylish bedroom(depending on your preference).
  3. Style: The style of your bedroom heavily depends on the furniture. That’s why you need to pay attention to the style of the furniture specifically. The furniture you choose shapes the style of your bedroom.
  4. Comfort: It’s your bedroom that you’re designing, not the drawing room. And bedrooms are meant to be comfortable. So you need to make sure the furniture you are choosing is comfortable, not just stylish.
  5. Color scheme: You need to use the desired color scheme when bringing furniture. Using the same color scheme for all the furniture is a great idea. It can be any color that you like. But be sure it’s eye soothing.

D. Considering storage solutions

Your clothes and other important things, where you wanna store them? If you plan your bedroom well, you can find a lot of space in the room to store your clothing without wasting space. And that way, you will be able to use the extra space for some other means.

Installing a Door

If the den does not have a door already, you have to install one for yourself. You cannot live without a door, right? It gives you privacy, safety, and protection. To install a door take the measurement, buy a suitable door, doorknob, and necessary accessories.

Then prepare the opening, and the frame, install the hinges, and make adjustments if necessary. It is pretty evident that you need some carpentry skill to install a door. If you are not comfortable with that, then it’d be better to hire a professional.

Adding Windows

After you install the door, it’s looking like a room more and more, right? Now you need to add windows in the room. It can be multiple windows or if there are no more room for it, adding a single one is okay too.

Installing a Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioning

You need to install a fan or air conditioning system to regulate the temperature and make the den more comfortable, like a bedroom. To do that, you have to-

  • Measure the height of the ceiling and prepare for how to reach and hang the fan to it. You may use some sort of long tool or portable stairs.
  • Make sure you turn off the power of the room. You don’t want to turn on the power before you are absolutely sure to finish connecting the electric wires to the fan.
  • Install the fan brace first. You will get a metal brace along with the fan. Install that onto the ceiling.
  • Then install the mounting bracket. You need to attach the mounting bracket to the fan brace.
  • Now carefully lift the fan into place and attach it to the mounting bracket.
  • After that, wire the fan. Before wiring the fan, double-check and make sure that the power connection is off.
  • Turn on the power, and see if the fan works properly.
Installing a Ceiling Fan to Turn a Den into a Bedroom
Installing a Ceiling Fan to Turn a Den into a Bedroom

However if you want to install an Air Conditioning system, I will advise you to hire a professional to do the job. Because that is much more complex thing to do. And without proper knowledge and experience you should not try to install an AC.

Painting or Wallpapering

In order to give the room more like your own room, your own bedroom, you need to paint the walls. Or you can wallpaper the walls too.

You can find a list of wallpaper here.

Adding Lighting

A proper lighting is one of the simple yet important things you need to do to turn a den into a bedroom. So, what you need to do is set up a light holder on the wall, wire it up from the power line. If there is already a holder, then skip that part.

After that put the light into the holder and turn the switch on. You can also use different lighting system. Here are some popular ways you can do that-

  • Light holder: I have already told you how to add a light holder to the wall. Here is a list of holders you can consider.
  • Lamp: You can place a table lamp in the room and power it with a multiplug. Here is a list of table lamps that you might consider.
  • LED: LED lights can be another excellent option for you. Here, take a look at them here at least.

Adding Flooring

When you’re flooring, make sure you focus on the durability, maintenance, cost and overall aesthetics. There are several options available to do the flooring-

  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Tile
  • Carpet

Both hardwood and laminate will be durable and easy to maintain, right? However they will be quite costly. On the other hand, carpet and tile will be easy at reasonable cost, however the maintenance can be a pain.

Furnishing the Room

Obviously you will have a lot of things to add to your bedroom, understably. You can add a dresser, an electric stove probably, or you can add a microwave in your bedroom. If you have any safety concern about that, read this post on Is it safe to use microwave in a bedroom.


Decorate your bedroom with paintings, artworks, and other decorative items. You can also add, bonsai, succulent or any other dearative plants in your room.

Safety and Regulations

Abide by the safety regulations. Review the local building codes and zoning regulations before the renovation. And then there is the necessary permit from the local building department.

As for safety concern, take necessary precaution to not only protect yourself but also the people around you. An electrical or any kind of serious accident may endanger you and the people around you.

For complex work, hire professionals. For example, to install an AC, you must hire a professional.


I have provided a step by step guide to turn a den into a bedroom. From assessing, planning to make a layout, then installing door, windows, fan, lighting, air conditioning system.

Then lighting, painting, furnishing, flooring, decorating I have covered everything you need to turn a den into a bedroom. Make sure to maintain proper lighting, ventilation and temperature in order to make the living experience better.

Turning the den into a bedroom itself can be cost efficient in every way possible. At the same time it can be enjoyable as well. Don’t forget that.


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