Best Bread Flour for Bread Machine In 2023

Just by knowing a few things, you can easily pick the best flour for bread machine. Yes, it’s one of the most important things for your bread machine. But there are plenty of brands delivering good products. So, you don’t need to worry about the choice. 

However, if you don’t like to waste your time checking them out, this content will help. Our experience in the subject gives us a clear view of listing the best products on the market right now. 

In this review, we are listing 5 of the best bread machine flour. We will also guide you on what you need to check before buying one yourself. 

Types of Bread Flour

There are three types of bread flour available. A bread machine can work with a long list of delicious ingredients. However, you need to select the best type of bread flour that can bring the best out of your machine. 

To give you a proper understanding of the matter, here’s a small discussion regarding the types: 

White Bread Flour

Most of the time, you keep all-purpose flour. Yes, we can understand where you stand. But you better get your hands on high-quality bread flour to get the best bread. 

White bread flour contains more gluten. But why is gluten important? Gluten can combine with water and form long strands. These strands cause the loaf to rise. 

If the flour contains less gluten, you are sure to get less fluffy bread. And you know what that means. It means there’s a chance the bread may remain undercooked in the center. 

That’s why white bread flour is the best alternative for all-purpose flour in terms of making bread. 

Whole Wheat Flour

If you prefer to make bread for sandwiches, you can get whole wheat bread flour. This type of bread flour contains plenty of healthy fiber. Also, this flour is significantly higher in protein. 

High-protein flour absorbs more water. That’s why you should measure each ingredient accordingly. Otherwise, baking can turn into a disaster. 

The best trick to avoid disaster is mixing all-purpose flour with it. 

Gluten-Free Bread Flour

There are people who face dietary restrictions through and through. That’s a piece of bad news. Fortunately, you can go gluten-free as there are such bread flours. 

Modern bakers are keen on using this flour as they are a healthier alternative. Of course, they combine other types of flour to get good dough. 

Best Bread Flour for Bread Machine

There are plenty of quality brands that produce quality bread flour. But some of them are greatly reliable for their quality. Starting from the packaging to the freshness of the flour, there are brands that ensure maximum best. 

Here, we have listed the best bread flours that are sure to earn your liking. 

Best Bread Flour for Bread Machine 
Best Bread Flour for Bread Machine 

Best Affordable: Bob’s Red Mill Organic Unbleached White All-Purpose Flour

Let’s start with the most affordable one on this list. For 5 pounds of white bread flour, the price is generous. Not to mention, the flour works fine with a bread machine. 

Once you prepare the bread dough and start baking the final product will come out nicely risen. Also, the customer feedback is positive regarding the taste. 

The best thing about this bread flour is that it’s unbleached and unbromated. This means, the bread flour is organic and obviously there’s no GMO.

Even though the bread flour rests in the affordable category, they have tried to make the packaging safe. The flour bags are reinforced with plastic for safe delivery. Overall, this bread flour is best for pizza dough, baguettes, pasta, rolls, loaves, and other tasty treats. 

The best thing about this product

  • It works great with a bread machine.
  • Comes with an affordable price tag.
  • The package is safe and tough. 
  • Best quality white bread flour for any kind of tasty treat. 

The Worst thing about this product

  • Even though they say you get free shipping but you won’t get it. 

Best Unbleached: King Arthur All Purpose Unbleached Flour

Using all-purpose flour for white basic and dough settings when you don’t have bread flour is the best option. But which one is unbleached and offers the best results? Obviously, this one we are talking about. 

First of all, King Artur is a great all-purpose flour that makes quality pizza dough or pasta. Surprisingly, the flour goes well with a bread machine. 

Also, if you try, the flour can help you bake a cake. Of course, you won’t get the best results. However, it’s doable with this flour. 

The flour is made from malted barley flour and unbleached hard red wheat flour. That’s a good sign. You don’t have to worry about the organic or not controversy. 

The Best Thing About this Product

  • The consistency in milling ensures you get the best baking experience. 
  • These flours are non-GMO.
  • King Arthur ensures industry-grade standard milling so it’s a safe flour. 
  • Very easy to work with a bread machine. 

The worst thing about this product

  • Poor quality packaging may ruin your ordering experience. 

Best Whole Wheat: Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Flour

For a 5-pound whole wheat cycle, this one’s pretty expensive. But don’t worry, you will get 4 of these bags. That means you are getting a total of 20 pounds. That should help you ease up a bit. 

For this bread flour, organic is not the main concern. There’s only one ingredient for this bread flour: Whole grain hard red wheat. 

Indeed, Bob’s have done a decent job in milling the whole wheat. Not just that, they have used a slow-turning quartz millstone to grind the wheat. This means you will get enough nutrients from the flour. 

What we liked about this bread flour is the quality. If you consider the quality, the price is on the mark. And they will deliver the product right to your doorstep. Now, that’s great service. 

The Best Thing About this Product

  • Convenient packaging style. 
  • The perfect choice for yeast bread. 
  • It’s non-GMO project certified. 
  • Natural stone mill ground flour. 

The Worst thing about this product

  • It is a non-returnable product

Best Gluten Free: Pamela’s Gluten Free Bread Mix

Even though there are plenty of gluten-free alternatives on the market, finding good quality bread flour for your bread machine is tough. But Pamela’s ready mix can ease your life a bit. For the gluten-free flour, this one’s incredible. 

It comes in a 4 pounds package and there’s plenty of flour to work with. Of course, the grind is just perfect. And if you want a gluten-free product, this should be on your top choice list. 

Of course, it’s not made from just one type of grain. They have used a variety of flours to make it gluten-free. There’s millet, natural evaporated sugar, inulin, sweet rice, and many more. 

Even if you are not a fan of gluten-free bread flour, you will love this one. It’s because the flour is yeast-free and that’s why the taste of the flour is good. Surprisingly, the texture and baking quality is impressive. So, it’s a healthier option. 

The Best things about this product

  • A perfect substitute for all-purpose flour with the best texture and taste. 
  • Comes with a relatively moderate price tag. 
  • Best gluten-free bread mix for the bread machine. 
  • You can bake the flour without adding salt. 

The Worst thing about this product

  • Sometimes the flour may produce gummy results. 

Best Overall: Anthony’s Brown Rice Flour

There’s no way bread flour is perfect for all kinds of baked goods, right? Well, you’ll change your mind once you check this one out. 

The anthony brown rice impresses us from the beginning. It has an affordable price tag and the flour quality is great for any kind of bread machine. 

Of course, this one is gluten-free but very tasty. Nowadays, plenty of home chefs are moving to gluten-free flour. But finding a reliable flour that can bake all sorts of good without being gummy is hard. 

Most gluten-free flour may stay grainy. But this one is stone ground which means the texture is smooth. Also, the flour is wheat and dairy-free. However, it’s not organic. But don’t let that disappoint you. It’s still one of the best gluten-free all-purpose flour for a bread machine. 

The best thing about this product

  • Not just baking good you can use this for coating fish or other proteins. 
  • It’s produced by stabilized rice bran and California medium-grain rice. 
  • Has a slightly nutty taste. 
  • The bread flour is vegan-friendly.

The worst thing about this product

  • It’s not organic. 

Things to consider before buying bread flour

Flour is the base for high-quality bread. That’s why you must buy the best quality flour for your bread machine. Grainy or roughly milled flour can cause a lot of problems with your baking goods. That’s why you better prioritize the quality check. 

Of course, we don’t think too much while buying bread flour. But there are things you might want to consider before buying bread flour for a bread machine. What are these considerations? Let’s have a good look at them: 

Choose the Type of flour you need

Just as we said, there are different types of flour for making bread. Most the manufacturers use wheat to make flour. And some manufacturers use rye or multigrain. 

Wheat contains high levels of gluten. Certainly, it will hold the dough together. But for a fluffy and consistent result, high gluten is not your go-to choice. That’s why you better consider buying non-wheat types. 

Protein Content

Have you ever thought about why wheat flour is best for baking? If not, here’s your answer. Wheat flour has a high protein level. As a result, the flour provides structure to the bread and allows it to rise. 

On top of that, the gluten content influences the texture of the bread. Now, the protein ratio of wheat flour is above 15%. That’s why these flours are chewy and gummy. 

On the other hand, less protein means softer and tender bread. If you want to bake cakes or biscuits, you need to avoid wheat. Wheat flour is best for those baked goods that want a hard crust. 

So, you need to consider what you are trying to make. Based on that, check the protein content. Don’t just glare at the product label. It doesn’t indicate anything at all. 

Bleached vs Unbleached Bread Flour

Generally, bleached or unbleached; are the two types of white wheat flour. But what is it? 

Mainly, milled flours bleach. As a result, this flour turns white over time. But the whole process takes a lot of time. Some manufacturers use chemicals to accelerate the bleaching process. 

That means bleaching is a process to make the wheat white. It’s to make the flour look appetizing to your eye. And bleaching flour facilitates its aging process. By bleaching white wheat flour, you get a soft and fine texture. 

On the other hand, unbleached white wheat flour is left to age naturally. That’s why the flour has a denser and rougher texture. But they can retain the original taste of the wheat. 

Does that mean bleached flour has a difference in taste? Yes, bleached flour tastes bitter and acidic. Bleached flour is best suited for cookies, waffles, and different types of light bread. 

However, unbleached flour is best for getting denser crumb and texture. So, you should decide which one you want. Or you can just buy both. You can use these two types of flour interchangeably. 

Avoid Flours with nasty additives

There is FDA recommendations for making flour from wheat. Of course, the manufacturer has to use specific types of wheat while milling the flour. Also, the flour must contain all the nutrients. 

Sometimes brands add citric acid or vitamin C so that the bread will rise while baking. 

The bad part is with cheap and affordable bread flour. Most companies use nasty flour additives to make it finer. But the flour comes with bulking and bleaching agents. 

That’s why check the ingredients menu or check for reviews. You better keep a good eye on your health. 

Flour Quality

How can you decide whether the bread flour is quality or not? It’s easy. You should check what ingredients the flour has, how is the taste and finally you better give a closer look at the package. 

Of course, the grinding technic is also a good thing to consider. Stone-ground bread flour is obviously better than machine-grilled flour. 

Also, you better look for non-GMO, organic flour. And finally, the packaging should be able to keep moisture out and prevent molds. Considering all these will give you an idea of the quality of the product. 

How to Store Bread Flour if you buy in bulk?

Some people never learn. Going to the grocery shop to buy flour? No can do that. That’s why some people buy them in bulk. Here are some tips on how to keep the bread flour fresh if you buy them in bulk: 

  • Keep them in a dry place where moisture won’t ruin the package or the flour contents. 
  • You can use a big air-tight container to keep the flour intact. 
  • It’s wise to buy flour in bulk bags of 4 pounds per bag. 
  • You can split the flour into separate containers and keep them separate. 
  • Keep a good eye on flour mites. If they catch on, you have to through the flour away. 
  • Always use a note of the use-by date. 


What is the key to baking quality bread?

Choosing quality ingredients is the key to making quality bread. Without selecting a suitable type of flour, you can’t expect to get a good batch of bread. That’s why it’s imperative you choose the best flour for bread machine. 

What type of flour is best for a bread machine?

Most manufacturers suggest you buy bread flour for your bread machine. We agree with them too. But there’s a misconception about bread flour. Bread flour is wholemeal flour or strong white flour. 

Why Bread Flour is best for a bread machine? 

It’s because the flour will rise and hold its shape better while baking. Also, these flours are best for denser types of bread. 

Concluding Thoughts

Bread flours have higher protein content and offer the best texture. That’s why it’s a popular choice for home bakers. There is plenty of bread flour out there. Sorting just 5 of them is extremely hard.
However, we have tried to give you an idea of every type of bread flour in the market. Furthermore, we have added a small buying guide that is sure to help you in choosing the right bread flour. 

Whatever you do, checking the quality is essential. And after reading this content, you know checking the quality is not a hard job at all. 


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